Science Fair volunteering: your chance to volunteer if you can’t make it to school during the school day

The Findley Science Fair preparations are underway; students are getting ready to showcase their work. We need lots of volunteers on March 13th & 14th. This is your chance to volunteer if you can’t make it to school during the school day! Everyone is invited to the Science Fair, not just those families with projects.


You can also send an email to Angie at [email protected] with your name, preferred time slot, and any questions you might have about the volunteer role. If you are considering the reviewer role, see the attached file for suggestions and guidelines.

Science Fair Reminders:

  • Guidelines and example displays are available on the website:
  • Completed display boards are due to the school on Tuesday, March 13, 6:30-8pm.
  • Display boards are still available for purchase in the office ($4).

We need help to continue this Findley tradition! Please let Angie know if you are interested in joining the 2019 Science Fair committee. Email [email protected].

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Reminder: Special Extended General PTO Meeting 2/12/18 at 6 pm

Special Extended Findley General PTO Meeting
Monday, February 12, 2018. 6:00-8:30pm
Refreshments provided – No children

  • Do you know how to respond to a school emergency?
  • How are your student’s state test scores used?
  • What do Dragon Dash donations support?

Learn this important information on Monday, February 12th at a special extended Findley General PTO meeting.

Refreshments will be provided. Due to the sensitive nature of the Emergency Operations content, please make other childcare arrangements. Children cannot attend the meeting.

  • Emergency Operations – 6:00-7:30
    • BSD Emergency Coordinator, Ashley McConnell Vander Jagt, MPH
    • with Mrs. Skidmore and Mrs. Whitten
    • Learn why BSD conducts emergency drills and understand staff procedures. Answer the questions:
      • What does your child experience during drills?
      • What is your role as a parent volunteer if you are in the school during a drill or emergency?
      • What can you do at home to prepare for an emergency?
  • Smarter Balanced 101 – 7:30-8:00
    • Mrs. Skidmore and Mrs. Whitten
    • Find out about Smarter Balanced state testing design and how Findley uses the results.
  • Parent Teacher Organization Update – 8:00-8:20
    • PTO Board
    • Learn how your Dragon Dash donations are being used and hear about upcoming events.


Findley PTO

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Girls on the Run is getting ready for their second season at Findley!

Last year we filled two teams of 3rd-5th grade girls, and we’re hoping to do the same this year.

There is currently a waiting list of families trying to get into the program, but we need more volunteers to open up a second team.

Volunteer coaches do NOT need to be runners or have coaching experience. Women and men are both encouraged to apply. Training and all activity plans and materials are provided, as well as a snack budget.

Please reach out to Angie Mitlehner via  email or browse the volunteer description and submit an application at

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