Each school year, Findley PTO produces the Findley Student Directory. This is a spiral-bound book listing contact information for students – a helpful tool for connecting with other families in our Findley community!

How to Opt-In:  Directory Opt-In Form

The information in the directory comes from the Beaverton School District (BSD). If you have selected to withhold your student’s directory info on Parental Right to Privacy/FERPA form (part of the online enrollment and student verification process in ParentVUE), your student’s name, class, address, and phone will not appear in our Findley Student Directory unless you opt-in using this online form.

If you have selected to withhold your student’s directory info, but would like to ensure that your information is included in the Findley Student Directory, please indicate so in the online Directory Opt-In Form. This will not change your preference for being “unlisted” with BSD.  Data must be entered into the online form by September 29, 2017 in order to be included in the directory.

If you did not select to withhold your student’s directory info, they will automatically be included in the Findley Student Directory with no further action on your part.

How to Order:  Directory Order Form

To order a directory for your family, please fill out Directory Order Form with a check (no cash please) to the school office by Friday, September 29th. Please make the check payable to “FINDLEY PTO”. We cannot guarantee you a copy of the directory if your payment is received after September 29th – there will be a limited supply of extra copies ordered.

Student Drawing Contest:

Our directory features artwork by Findley students! Stay tuned for this year’s theme and entry form!

Contact Us:

If you have any questions about the student directory, please contact Rupal Shah at [email protected].