Budget Committee Meeting on April 22nd at 6:30pm

Dear Findley Parents, 

By now you have read the superintendent’s, Don Grotting, email regarding the impact of the budget deficit to Beaverton School District. So what does this mean to our Findley community… We will lose teachers and support staff, our class size will increase, and we will no longer be a PYP school. What can we do as Findley parents to support our school, staff, and students? Findley PTO is asking all parents to attend the Budget Committee Meeting on April 22nd at 6:30pm at the Administration Center. Please wear a red shirt and bring your child(ren) if possible. We would like to send a message to the Budget Committee that our students deserve quality education!  

Central Administration Center
16550 SW Merlo Rd.
Beaverton, OR 97003

Thanks for your support,

Findley PTO

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Dragon Dash 2019 – We need volunteers for our biggest fundraiser this fall!


Dear Findley Families,

We’re looking for volunteers for this Fall’s Dragon Dash! Can you help?

The Dragon Dash is Findley’s biggest fundraiser – it brings in over $100,000 and it pays for so many programs at our school! 

Making the Dragon Dash a success is a TEAM effort. It is a 100% parent organized and led event. Building up to event day are many manageable tasks that make it easy to volunteer. Most of the jobs are easy and don’t take up that much of your time:

  • Can you work from home or have flexibility to drop by the school?
  • Can you volunteer a few times for 30 min?
  • Are you creative?

Please click on the following link & sign up for one (or more) tasks: DRAGON DASH COMMITTEE VOLUNTEER SIGN UP

Do you possess other talents that can keep the Dragon Dash fun and exciting for our students?!  We need your help to keep the Dragon Dash fresh!

Amy Humble will be managing the fundraiser again this […]

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PTO Survey on big projects – we want your feedback!

Dear Findley Families,

The PTO works very hard to improve every student’s school experience!

We have put together a survey to get your feedback on how we should allocate future monies towards wish list projects for Findley Elementary.

It will only take a few minutes, please take a moment to give us your feedback – PTO Survey.


Findley PTO

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