There is a requirement for volunteers to manage the attendance line. The desciption of the job function is as below:

Starts at 8:25am and ends close to 9am. The Volunteer has to take the names of the students who come in after 8:30am on the Tardy form. After about 10mins the Volunteer hands over the Tardy Form to Staff at Front office.

The volunteer than goes to the phone line and takes the names of students that have been called in sick or late. The volunteer hands over the names to the front Office Staff and leaves.

The job is easy and simple and yet important as it ensures all kids are accounted for. It helps the front office staff by making them available to help and direct the students and parents during the early morning hours. Also it helps keep track of the kids.

If you are interested please sign up using this link:

For any questions, please email Kokila at:

Thank you

Findley PTO