PTO Global Brunch 9-10:30 am Wednesday in the Art Room

Gift SCRIP deadline extended: Orders are due at noon on Wednesday.

The order form is attached to this email. See below for more information on these two events.

PTO Global Brunch and Social Wednesday, December 11th at 9am

Mingle with other Findley parents and enjoy an international selection of brunch items. Optional: Bring a dish to share! The room will be open 8:30-10:30—stop by and say hello after drop-off or before your volunteer timeslot. If you have questions, contact Angie or Leslie at

Findley’s Annual Teacher/Staff Gift Scrip Program for Holiday Giving

Holiday gift giving can be a heartwarming and fulfilling experience. However, trying to find the perfect gift or fighting traffic to get to a store can make us less than merry! Teachers are extremely grateful when parents take the time to think of them and appreciate their hard work. For these reasons, please consider using the voluntary Findley Gift Scrip program for the teachers and staff that work with our students and who keep our school running and looking great!

How does Gift Scrip Work?

The order form is attached to this email. Fill in the gift dollar amount you would like to designate to a teacher/staff member. The gift amounts will be deposited into your designated staff ‘scrip account’ and will be added to gift amounts given by other families. During the week of December 16, 2013 each staff member will be presented with a letter providing them the names of their gift givers and a certificate stating the total dollar amount given to them to spend on Findley Scrip. The dollar amount of your individual gift will never be provided to the designated teachers/staff members.

If you would like to participate:

1-Fill out the order form on the reverse side and return it to school (or drop off in the office) in an envelope marked ‘GIFT SCRIP’ by NOON on Wednesday, December 11, 2013. Please make a check payable to Findley PTO. If you have more than one child at Findley you are welcome to fill out multiple forms and attach one check for the total or fill out one form for all children.

2-Now the fun part – the staff members you designated will be given a scrip order form to choose Findley Scrip gift cards and certificates from his/her own favorite stores, restaurants, etc., using the funds placed into their scrip account. At the same time, your Findley PTO raises dollars with each order the staff makes to fund programs. Scrip is a program that provides a discount to non-profits. The school or group registered on the program receives the store discount as a profit

This effortless gift giving program not only benefits your Findley PTO, but for those loving and caring people who safely guide our children through their school day, it is a thoughtful and much appreciated option!

Questions: Please email Audrey Hood at Findleyscrip

2013 Gift Scrip Form.pdf