This may be just the volunteer role for you – help Findley students as a guest exhibitor at the Findley Science Fair on March 13th!

Do you…
– use Math or Science at work or have a science related job?

– work in medicine, dentistry, engineering, biotechnology, energy or any other science related field?

– design shoes, use specially treated fabric, design/build computer chips, working in a laboratory?

– have a science related hobby?

If so, we hope you will sign up to be a guest exhibitor at the Findley elementary science fair and share how science is used in your field.

You will need to:

– Bring something the kids can see/touch.

– Have a demonstration or a hands-on exhibit.

Please sign up on the following link and reserve a portion of once of the tables in the Science Fair poster hall using the following link:

If you have any questions please direct them to Mona Parikh(mona_parikh) or Stacey Wainwright(s_wainwright@comcast,net)

Thank you for making the science fair fun and knowledgable for the kids.

Findley Science Fair Committee