Dear Findley Families,

Dragon Dash is fast approaching. It’s only 4 days away! And, it’s a little different this year. It’s on one day: Wednesday, October 1st. Assigned grades will run during their specials time and the 5 classes from each grade will run at the same time, wearing different assigned colors. Please see schedule & colors below.

DD 2014 Schedule & Colors

On Dragon Dash Day:

Have your child dressed appropriately to run, jog or walk (shorts or sweats and running/tennis shoes work well).
Be sure to have your child wear a t-shirt of their assigned color (see above).
Please have your child bring a water bottle.

Thank you Findley families, friends and donors for your generous support!

As of today, September 27th, 41% of Findley students have participated in fundraising, either by signing up for and sending out emails to parents, friends and family or by writing a check and turning in their pledge envelopes. Suggested donation: $131 per student.

Just over $50,000 has been raised, so far! Wow! That is amazing. But we still have a ways to go. Our goal is $105,000.

All donations are due: Thursday, October 9th.

Donations received after October 9th will NOT count towards prize levels. Also, Company Matching does NOT count towards prize levels. Due to delayed receipt of matching dollars & difficulty verifying employee submissions, this will not be possible for the 2014 Dragon Dash. We apologize for any inconvenience or misunderstanding.

Please review the Dragon Dash Stats to see how your child’s class is doing.


Thank you for your support.


Dragon Dash Co-Chairs

Leslie and Dirk Hmura