Dear Findley Parents,

Findley teachers are now tracking their individual class participation for our October 1st Dragon Dash fundraiser. They’ll be monitoring this daily, using a fun thermometer poster. Ask your child about it.

So far, as of today September 22nd, 20% of Findley students have participated in fundraising, either by signing up for and sending out emails to parents, friends and family or by writing a check and turning it in with their pledge envelopes. Suggested donation: $131 per student.

We NEED to kick this up into high gear as we only have 9 more days until Dragon Dash! Pledge Envelopes and/or Pledge Star donations are due, at the latest by Thursday, October 9th.

We’ve added these fun Class and Grade incentives to help motivate the kids (in addition to the already great list of prizes and raffles).

If 80% of a CLASS participates, they get a DONUT PARTY.

If 100% of a CLASS participates, they get a MOVIE & POPCORN PARTY.

If 80% of the entire GRADE participates, they get an EXTRA RECESS.

If 100% of the entire GRADE participates, they get FREE SIT AT LUNCH FOR 1 WEEK.

Check out our Dragon Dash Stats to see how your child’s class is doing.

Thank you for your support.

Your Dragon Dash Committee,

Leslie Hmura lesliehmura

Dirk Hmura dirk