Dragon Dash Donation FAQ

Company Matching Funds

Does my company match my donations?

Please see your HR department for details on your company’s matching program. The Findley PTO website lists some of the known companies that have matching programs. There are some companies who require you to donate through them directly to receive the match (such as Nike, Cambia, Providence, and Kaiser). If you do not donate through their website, Findley will not receive the matching funds.

Nike Dragon Dash Matching Instructions

List of known companies who match funds

If I have to contribute directly through my company website, how do my kids get credit for the donation?

Please use the provided Dragon Dash envelope and include a copy of your donation receipt from your company. We will log the donation for your children and they will get credit for your donation amount. (Your company’s matching funds will not be included in your child’s total.)


If my children have a combined PledgeStar account, how do donations get split?

The donations will be divided equally between your children under the same household. For example, if you donate $200 and you have two children, each child will receive credit for $100.

Can my children each have an individual PledgeStar account?

Yes, but you will need to create an account for each child with a separate/unique email address.

I have already donated once through PledgeStar and would like to donate additional money. Why won’t the website let me donate again? How can I make an additional donation?

PledgeStar does not allow you to donate more than once to reduce the number of duplicate payments made in error. You have two options: 1) You can send in a check or cash through your Dragon Dash envelope (extra envelopes are available in the office) or 2) send yourself a new PledgeStar request to a new email address.

If I submitted my donation through PledgeStar, do I need to return my child’s Dragon Dash envelope?

You only need to turn in your envelope if your company can match funds.


How you do determine my child’s amount raised for prizes?

Any amounts donated through your PledgeStar account will be divided equally among the children in the family. Any additional checks or cash donated in a child’s Dragon Dash envelope will be credited to that child’s total amount raised. Company funds will NOT be counted in this total.

Why won’t the money donated by my company be credited to my child’s amount raised for prizes?

Since company matching is only promised and not realized until after the donation date cutoff, it does not apply toward prize levels.

My company will not match unless I use their website. How does my child get credit for the money I donate through my company?

All you’ll need to do is return your child’s Dragon Dash envelope with a copy of the receipt. We will credit your child’s account with the amount you donated. (Company matching funds will not be counted towards prizes.)

What can my child win by raising money for the Dragon Dash?

For a complete list of prizes, refer to the Findley PTO website: www.findleypto.com/fundraising/dragon-dash/

Tax Receipts

Will my donation receive a tax receipt?

All donations $10 and above will receive a tax receipt.

I sent in my donation through my child’s Dragon Dash envelope. When will I receive a tax receipt?