Additional Volunteers are needed during Dragon Dash – Oct 1st!

Dragon Dash is just around the corner, and more hands are needed to chaperone classes to the race start, help mark laps on runners’ race bibs, and hand out otter pops at the finish line. It’s going to be a beautiful day to be outside cheering on our racers. Please lend a hand if you can with these jobs .

Please sign up to help! (Please access this signup spreadsheet on a laptop or pc. It may not be editable on all handheld devices.)

Classes with critical need for volunteers:

Wellborn – 1st

Betcher – 2nd

Kim – 2nd

Classes who need 1-2 additional volunteers:

Stroeve – 1st

Swanson – 1st

Welback/Wright – 1st

Schulz – 2nd

Dow – 2nd

Skiba – 5th

Rodriguez – 5th

McNamara – K

Janssen/Graziano – K

Lawrence – K

Schlag – 3rd

Beal – 3rd

O’Mara – 3rd

Mc/Po – 4th

Gentzkow – 4th