Dear Findley Community,

Students have until today at midnight to complete their final donations on PledgeStar or bring in checks by the end of the school day.

Please find the Dragon Dash Stats as of 10/8/15. Great job, everyone! We are at 98% of our goal with a total of $106,543.45.

26 of the 32 classes have earned a Donut Party with 80% or greater participation. Many classes are just 1 or 2 students away from either the donut party, movie/popcorn party or the Findley Dragon Dash Century Club! Check out your child’s class to see how they are doing.

We’ll send out the final stats on Monday morning. We’re so close.

Thank you all for your support!

Leslie & Dirk Hmura
Dragon Dash Co-Chairs

DD10.8.15 stats.xlsx