Dear Findley Community,

We have tallied all of the Dragon Dash Pledges and we are happy to announce that together, WE RAISED $114,068! That is outstanding. It far surpasses our goal of $108,000 and smashes last year’s previous record. Way to go!

Congratulations to ALL Findley Classes on earning the coveted “Donut Party.” Overall, we had a 94% participation rate – that is AMAZING!

The Top Earning Grade was 2nd Grade! Congratulations you all get an EXTRA RECESS!

The Top Earning Class was Mrs. Harris’ 4th Grade Class! Congratulations, it’s Wii time with Mrs. Skidmore for you!

The Top 6 Earning Classes that won a prize for their teacher are:
Mrs. Harris at 141% of their class goal
Mrs. Kim at 137%

Mrs. Selbak/Wright at 134%
Ms. Betcher at 131%

Mrs. Kennedy at 129%
Mrs. Hargrave at 124%

Congratulations to the following Classes for earning the Dragon Dash Century Club Award (100% participation 100% class earning goal) You get to Silly String your Teacher! Mr. Schlag, Mrs. Buckley, Ms. Betcher, Mrs. Hargrave, Mrs. Roloff and Mrs. Schulz

Congratulations to the following Classes for earning the Donut Party (80% Participation) the Popcorn/Movie Party (100% Participation)! Ms. Betcher, Mrs. Buckley, Mrs. DeNeffe, Mrs. Frimoth, Mrs. Hargrave, Mr. Rodgriguez, Mrs. Roloff, Mr. Schlag and Mrs. Schulz

Prizes and Raffles will be announced at the Prize Assembly on Friday, October 30th!

Thank you to EVERYONE for all of your efforts.

Your Dragon Dash Co-Chairs,
Leslie & Dirk Hmura

2015 Final Stats.xlsx