We now have 391 volunteers registered in the new volunteer system, known as mVP! Thank you! (Please make sure you remember your login ID and password!) There are additional steps you need to take to complete your new volunteer profile. Please look for another message on this soon.

To those who have not yet applied for an account, please do so at your earliest convenience. Instructions are below.

Beaverton School District is in the midst of transitioning to a new Volunteer Management System: My Volunteer Page (mVP). The change is driven by the need for enhanced management of background checks across the Beaverton School District (BSD). The new software will improve security within the district by incorporating volunteer background checks into its volunteer application process. This will require YOU, a volunteer in the Beaverton School District, to apply for a profile in mVP.

Findley is currently implementing the new mVP software. To ensure you remain qualified to volunteer, please complete the following application for a mVP profile as soon as possible. Do not wait! (5th grade parents, this is not a Findley-specific request. To volunteer at other BSD schools, such as Stoller, you must complete the application.)

Parents/Guardians: Complete the Parent/Guardian Volunteer Application

Community Volunteers (Grandparents, Nannies, Neighbors, Friends): Complete the Community Volunteer Application

Within the application, please include all of the BSD schools where you are a volunteer. You will have one profile for all your BSD volunteering (Findley, Stoller, Sunset, etc).

· This step also initiates a background check. Even if you completed one recently using the BSD link, you must do it again using the My Volunteer Page application links above. It will come up for renewal every 2 years during your birthday month.

· Once your background check is complete, you will receive an email stating your background check approval status and your volunteer profile at myvolunteerpage.com will be active. (Feel free to log in to access your profile, but wait for further instructions; we will be working on additional setup.)

IMPORTANT: Remember your log in and password! This is important for both home and school access to your profile. After we are fully implemented, every time you enter the building to volunteer, you will be required to enter both your log in and your password. (No more selecting your name from a menu!) Make it easy to remember and/or keep it accessible.

You will soon find a new mVP sign-in screen on the Findley Office volunteer check-in computer. After our cutoff date of June 1, only volunteers with a profile in mVP will be qualified to volunteer. There are many fun volunteer activities that fall after June 1! (Carnival, Field Day, End of Year Parties, …) Do not wait!

Thank you to those parents who have already completed the mVP application! Please help us spread the word!

Thank you for your flexibility and cooperation as we experience this change together. The new volunteer management system will benefit our students through increased security.