Passport Club Leadership Opportunity

Will you have a child in 2nd -5th grade next year? Do you have organization skills and a passion for geography?

Findley is looking for someone to lead the Passport Club program for the 2016-2017 school year. This can be a shared position. You will have an opportunity to shadow the existing Passport Club leads through the remaining months of this school year to learn the process. Get tips and tricks from experienced pros!

Passport Club is a volunteer-run geography program, open to grades 2-5, that occurs monthly throughout the school year. The Passport Club lead:

  • works with teachers at the beginning of the year to outline a check schedule for all classes,
  • prints maps and materials each month; monthly study maps are already established by The Passport Club(c),
  • organizes parent volunteers on monthly passport check days (typically 2 hrs on a Tuesday morning each month), and
  • tallies students’ passport check status for periodic awards.

Ready to step into a rewarding leadership role? Passport Club could be for you! Please contact Jamie Khan (jkhanundrum3) with questions or interest.

Without a volunteer to lead this program, there will be no Passport Club in the 2016-2017 school year. Your leadership will truly make a difference to hundreds of Findley students!

More information at Passport Club: (pw: findleypassport)

Thank you!