Are you one of the 420 Findley volunteers who have signed up for an account in mVP, our new Volunteer Management System?

If Yes: Thank you! Do you remember your login and password? Test yourself by logging in at You will need to use your login ID and password every time you enter the building to volunteer. Stay tuned as we begin to test the system by publishing upcoming volunteer opportunities.

If No: Please sign up for an account now! Findley will move to the new system on June 1. All volunteers must have an mVP account.

Parents/Guardians: Complete the Parent/Guardian Volunteer Application

Community Volunteers (Grandparents, Nannies, Neighbors, Friends): Complete the Community Volunteer Application

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this transition! All schools in the Beaverton School District will be using mVP by the end of this school year.