Sparky & Sparkles stopped by the school this morning to greet the students AND to reveal who won a DONUT PARTY!

Congratulations Mr. Potocki’s 3rd Grade Class for reaching 96% participation. That means almost everyone in the class has either signed up with PledgeStar or has returned an envelope. They earned a DONUT PARTY!

Classes with the highest participation % are:

· Potocki’s 3rd Grade (96%)

· Swanson’s 1st Grade (64%)

· Roloff’s Kindergarten (59%)

· Ray’s 5th Grade (54%)

· Frimoth’s Kindergarten (52%)

· McNamara’s Kindergarten (52%)

· Dow’s 2nd Grade (52%)

Remember…..EVERY class that reaches 90% participation will earn a DONUT PARTY!

Can you believe we are ONLY two weeks away from the Dragon Dash! So far, we have had 280 students that have raised $24,418.51 (24% of our goal) for Findley but that means 498 still need to participate.

Thank you again for supporting our PTO!

Go Findley Dragons!