Thank you Findley Families, Friends and Staff for making Dragon Dash an awesome event!

The weather cooperated, the music rocked, Sparky cheered and the kids ran their hearts out! It was fantastic having the teachers running and cheering with the kids! Special thanks to all the volunteers – 175 of you! And to all the parents, families and friends that cheered for all the kids. What a fun day!

As of October 10th, 90% of Findley students have participated in fundraising, either by signing up for and sending out emails to parents, friends and family or by writing a check and turning in their pledge envelopes.

$105,592 has been raised, so far! Outstanding! We’re just $2,550 away from our goal. All donations are due this week, by Thursday, October 13th. Prize winners will be announced on October 21st at the Prize Assembly. Please refer to for list of prizes and raffles.

Thank you, we are almost there!

Dragon Dash Committee