Designs are Due Friday March 2nd. Return completed designs to the box in the school office. All Findley students can enter the design contest!


  • Letters are available in the office , on the PTO website under the Science Fair tab or you can download the pdf for the letter form here . The letters will be used to advertise the fair in the display case at the Findley front entrance.
  • You may enter as many letters as you would like to design!
  • Additional letters are available in the office, and you can recycle your letter or trade this letter for another letter in the office.
  • Plan your design! Use your knowledge of the color wheel and other art concepts to create a design for your letter(s).
    • Think about how the letter will look at a distance—bright colors and a dark outline are best.
    • If you design two or more letters, please make one of them a C, I, or E, since we need 2 of each of these letters. Doing so will increase your chances of winning!
  • Write your name on the back of your letter design. If your letter is chosen for the display case, your name will appear on the Designers List.

Click here to download the letter form.