We still need 7 volunteers for Tuesday evening. Shifts are 6:15-7:15 and 7:00-8:00. If we do not have volunteers for check-in, there will be no choice for review times.

We still have 30 unfilled adult reviewer shifts for Wednesday evening. Shifts are 6-6:40, 6:40-7:20, 7:20-7:50. There are over 300 Findley students participating this year. If we do not have enough reviewers, we will cancel the adult reviews for all students. Reviewer guidelines are posted here.

Sign up to volunteer at this spreadsheet (click here)

Findley Science Fair is Wednesday, March 14, 6-8pm.

Parent Reminder

  • If your child is registered for the science fair, please see guidelines and example display boards on the Science Fair website.
  • Projects are due Tuesday evening, March 13. Drop-off is 6:30-8:00pm. You may choose a review timeslot at drop-off.
  • You may also drop-off 7-8am Wednesday, but you will not have a choice of review time.
  • All projects must have the student’s name, grade and teacher identified.
  • Please do not drop off balloons, plants, food, water or breakable items with the project.