All Passport Club Members,


Valentine’s Day 2018 has come and gone. We are done with another successful month for Passport Club! As always, we want to thank all the volunteers for their help & hope to see everyone make Passport Club happen through the end of the school year!

We would like to congratulate all of the students who met grade level for February:

2nd Grade – 52
3rd Grade – 39
4th Grade – 26
5th Grade – 40


Passport Recheck for APRIL is open to everyone!
Did you not know about the date change & missed check day?
Did you miss more than 2 countries in a level?
Come to Re-Check this Friday during lunch & earn your stamps!
Please volunteer to be a Passport checker and expand your geography knowledge – Passport Re-Check Volunteer – APRIL
Need 4 volunteers!

Passport Club Team