We would like to extend a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ to all our volunteers for making this month’s check much smoother in the past with the addition of the 5th graders!

We would like to congratulate all of the students who met grade level for October:
2nd Grade – 57
3rd Grade – 52
4th Grade – 40
5th Grade – 44
*Just a reminder that there will be some special “thanks” from the Passport Club for all students meeting grade level for the month of November!
Passport Check day – Wednesday, November 14th 2018
Passport Recheck day – Friday, November 16th 2018
Where in the World Questions (Bonus Questions that are optional):
    1. How far is it to drive from your house to Ottawa (Canada)?
    2. Where in the world is Dr. Marsh? (Photo will be coming from Dr. Marsh soon)
If you would like to be a Passport Club Checker, sign up for a shift(s) through this link – PC CHECKER – Wednesdays
If you would like to be a Passport Club Re-checker, sign up shift(s) through this link – PC RECHECKER – Fridays
click here for more info on Passport Club