Dear Findley Families,

We’re looking for volunteers for this Fall’s Dragon Dash! Can you help?

The Dragon Dash is Findley’s biggest fundraiser – it brings in over $100,000 and it pays for so many programs at our school! 

Making the Dragon Dash a success is a TEAM effort. It is a 100% parent organized and led event. Building up to event day are many manageable tasks that make it easy to volunteer. Most of the jobs are easy and don’t take up that much of your time:

  • Can you work from home or have flexibility to drop by the school?
  • Can you volunteer a few times for 30 min?
  • Are you creative?

Please click on the following link & sign up for one (or more) tasks: DRAGON DASH COMMITTEE VOLUNTEER SIGN UP

Do you possess other talents that can keep the Dragon Dash fun and exciting for our students?!  We need your help to keep the Dragon Dash fresh!

Amy Humble will be managing the fundraiser again this Fall. Once volunteers are signed up, she will be communicating with you about your specific tasks. You may contact her directly at if you have any questions.


Findley PTO