Middle School Boundary Adjustments Meeting and Potential Elementary Boundary Changes – Tonight (9/3) at 6:30pm
The advisory committee voted last March to not split Findley and include all of Findley Elementary in Timberland. However, the committee also voted to recommend that BSD conduct an additional elementary boundary process to review and change the elementary school boundaries of Findley-Jacob Wismer-Bonny Slope. This would be part of a larger boundary adjustment process that could potentially affect anyone within those three schools and would take place this year. Changes, if any, would be effective Fall 2021.
PTO Budget Meeting – Wednesday, September 9th at 6:30pm
In light of school being online this fall, the PTO took the unusual step of revising the budget down in August to account for this change. We will review and vote on the new budget. 
Here is the link to join: