Dear Findley Passport Club members,
What a start to the virtual Passport Club! 
We are so happy for all the Findley Dragons who are learning their way around the world!  We hope that you enjoyed your rewards for last month.
We are now moving our way into the October countries, but it is still NOT too late to do September as well!
Here is a summary of the steps to get in on the fun with more detailed instructions below:
1.  Download this month’s maps (We are moving to October this month)
2.  Visit this month’s virtual classroom
3.  Learn this month’s maps
4.  Take the quiz when you are ready
This is a whole new experience and we understand that there will be a lot of questions, learnings and changes as we navigate this new virtual Passport Club.
Please rest assured that we are dedicated to making this the best that we can under the circumstances and ask for your patience and understanding as we all go through this process together.
With that being said, let’s have some fun and travel the world together!
In addition, here is a reminder in regards to Passport Club:
Passport Club is a volunteer-run geography enrichment program offered at Findley to 2nd – 5th grades. This is an optional program and is not mandatory.