Dear Findley Passport Club members,

We are happy to begin the Canadian provinces and territories this month as the next installment of the Virtual Passport Club Special Itineraries for Findley 5th graders!

We are continuing to create new virtual content from scratch and will release new material as it becomes available with time between releases. 

Here is a summary of the steps to get in on the fun with more detailed instructions below:

1.  Download this month’s maps

2.  Learn this month’s maps

3.  Take the quiz when you are ready

This is a whole new experience and we understand that there will be a lot of questions, learnings and changes as we navigate this new virtual Passport Club.

Please rest assured that we are dedicated to making this the best that we can under the circumstances and ask for your patience and understanding as we all go through this process together.

With that being said, let’s have some fun and learn about the United States and their capitals!

In addition, here is a reminder in regards to Passport Club:

Passport Club is a volunteer-run geography enrichment program offered at Findley to 2nd – 5th grades. This is an optional program and is not mandatory.

  • Please practice with your child for several minutes a day to help them get ready!

Grade Level Clarification:

  • 5th grade students have the Special Itineraries program.



Grade level

5th Grade

Special Itineraries (SI) study maps


Vothy Heang and Xiao Shi

Passport Club Leads


Step #1 Download this month’s maps


Step #2 Learn the Map for this month

There are lots of fun ways to learn each month’s maps!

  • As always, the best way is to study with your parents 

Step #3 Take the quiz

When you are ready, take the quiz.  Here is the link:

Special Itineraries Quiz