Art Literacy Overview

The Beaverton School District  is home to an exceptional volunteer-staffed elementary and middle school art education program called Art Literacy or ArtLit for short.

The program consists of volunteers who go into classrooms to give a visual presentation on an artist which is followed by a hands-on art project with the students. Typically during the year, there are six different lessons presented for elementary and three lessons at the middle school level.

Volunteers are trained for every lesson they teach by a site based coordinator at each school. The program’s curriculum at present is based on more than 100 artists, including European masters, renowned American artists, cultural arts, some living and local artists.

Become an Art Lit Volunteer
Sign up to volunteer in your child’s classroom, click here   No art background is required and all materials are provided.

Volunteers for each classroom are needed in the following roles:

  • Lead Volunteer:  (One per classroom)  Responsible for
    – Scheduling presentation dates (consult your teacher to coordinate dates and times)
    – Reserving the Art Lit cart and supplies on the calendar:  Art Lit Calendar
    – Communicating scheduled Art Lit lessons with the teacher, Class Coordinator, and other classroom Art Lit volunteers
    – This volunteer can also present the lesson.
  • Support Volunteer: (One or more per classroom)  Assists with the art production in the classroom.  This volunteer can also present the lesson.

Learn More
For the list of this year’s artists, ArtLit announcements, and to schedule your presentation dates and times, please refer to Findley Art Literacy Google Site at:


BSD requires all volunteers to have a volunteer profile in mVP.  If you have not yet applied for an mVP volunteering account, please follow the instructions at