FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Findley Flyers?

The Findley Flyers is a running/walking club that encourages kids to get exercise by tracking their mileage and cumulatively running a mile, 5K, 10K, marathon (or more!) throughout the year during lunch recess (Tuesday) or after school on Thursdays (3:10 – 4:40 PM).

Why Maintain a Running Club at Findley Elementary?
A running club at Findley gives children the chance to grow in so many ways! Studies have proven that if kids are given the opportunity to move their bodies before and during school, they are better ready to sit down and focus on their academics in the classroom. They also develop habits that last a lifetime. These habits lead to lower chances of obesity, diabetes, heart problems and so much more. Running builds self esteem as students set mileage goals and then accomplish one goal after another. Children can find a new passion in running, a sport they never knew they liked.

How does the program work?
Students run around the quarter mile path for as long as they would like during the time allowed to run (Tuesday lunch recess or after school on Thursday). Each time they complete a lap, a Findley Flyers volunteer will mark their mileage club card. Students receive prizes at intervals between 1 mile and a marathon (26.2 miles). Runner statistics, certificates and special awards will be recognized at monthly school assemblies.

Who can participate?
Kindergarten through 5th grades may participate, anytime.

How do I sign up my student? No sign-up is required. Your student is already a member of our club. Every student at Findley Elementary automatically receives a Flyers Mileage Club card at the beginning of the school year. All you have to do is come to the track to start!

Can I run with my student? Absolutely. Thursday afternoons after school at 3:10 PM. We encourage siblings and parents to participate and everyone gets a card to track their laps. This year, make Findley Flyers Running Club part of your family’s Thursday afternoon routine!

Why run? Besides the obvious health benefits, there is mounting evidence that exercise prior to classroom work is extremely beneficial for elementary school children. Students may learn better and be more focused, behavioral issues could diminish, they may achieve higher test scores and gain self-esteem. Check out this article for more information. It is one of the reasons why Flyers are out there every Tuesday at lunch and Thursday at 8am. Help jumpstart your child’s day by getting to school a little early for Findley Flyers Mileage Club on Thursdays and by packing running shoes.

Who can join? Findley Elementary students, staff and members of their families are welcome to track their laps and may participate as many days as they wish. Cards are kept available all school year and runners’ milestones are recognized with stickers, certificates, tokens and acknowledgement at school assemblies, the Flyers bulletin board, and in school publications.

Do I have to run? No, participants may go at their own pace. Walking is great too and a fun way to catch up with friends. We just ask that students keep moving around the track in an appropriate manner.

When do you meet? One lunch recesses per week, Tuesday, and Thursday after school (3:10-3:40 pm), runners may come as often as they want, and run for as long as they want. We start counting laps at 3:10 pm a.m. and collect cards at 3:40 p.m. in order to get students to class on time.

What happens if a student loses their card? If a student loses a card, starts another one, and finds their original card later, both cards may be stapled together and turned in as one for credit.

What if a student does not want to participate? Students have a choice to participate or not in the Mileage Club. This is just a fun opportunity for them. All regular recess activities will still be available.

How can we help? Parent volunteers are welcome to assist in any way they can – counting laps, marking cards, providing encouragement and running the track. Your efforts and theirs will pay off. You will see your student make great progress in their running and fitness while enjoying the time with their friends.

Who do we thank for this program? YOU! The Findley Flyers Running Mileage Club is run by parent volunteers and funded by Findley PTO. Your support is very much appreciated.