What is Passport club?

Passport club is a volunteer run geography enrichment program offered at Findley to 2nd through 5th grades. It is designed to encourage students to learn the names and locations of the world’s countries over the school year. This is an optional program for your student run by the Findley PTO & Passport Club team.

How does it work?

Each month, students learn world locations and identify them on a map. It is a volunteer run program and testing is done one morning a month at school in Technology Rm 201. Each child receives a passport, normally kept at school, and during monthly quizzes collects stamps as they identify world locations on the map. Your student’s study map, indicating the countries or geographic landmarks they need to learn that month, will be distributed at the beginning of each month.

The student has the option of 5 levels of study to choose from. However, students are encouraged to learn all the items in each level up to grade level.

2nd Grade = Level 1 and Level 2
3rd Grade = Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3
4th Grade = Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4

For example, a 2nd grade student would be asked to learn the following for the month of October

Level 1:

Brazil, Australia, United States of America, Thailand, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Level 2:

France, Vietnam, Namibia, Angola, Italy

On check dates, the student will test for the level they feel prepared for regardless of the level they chose to study. Your child can test as many levels as they would like, not just their grade level, and the Where in the World question is optional. Please practice with your child for several minutes a day to help her get ready.

Passport Club Special Itineraries (SI) is offered to ALL 5th graders.  The SI program is more of an in depth study of North American and special interests worldwide INSTEAD OF the original Passport Club locations.


Checking Day Procedure:

1.) The student will go with their classroom to technology Rm 201, at their assigned check time. Each student has their own passport. Each student sits with a volunteer at the check table. The volunteer will have an enlarged version of the blank study map. They will ask the student to point to the location that is on that month’s “level” map.

2.) The student receives a globe ink stamp in their passport for each “level” successfully completed.

3.) Your child then proceeds to the postage stamp station where they may select the earned amount of postage stamps and glue them into their passport as a “visa.”

Recheck Day:

Recheck day is for students who were absent on check day or for those students who missed a maximum of 2 answers in a level. It is NOT for those students who were unable to study for regular check day. Rechecks occur during that student’s lunch period on Friday (except where noted on the schedule).

If you are interested in helping or for more information, please contact volunteer.coordinator@findleypto.com. The commitment for checkers is one Wednesday morning a month, 8:30am-10:30am. At-home help is also needed with occasional postage stamp cutting.


Passport Club Links

Findley Passport Club Password for Maps

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Findley Passport Club dates for 2023-2024: Please refer to Findley PTO Calendar which can be found on the main page.

Sept 20
Oct 18
Nov 15
Dec 13
Jan 24
Feb 28
Mar 20
Apr 17
May 15
Second Chance Day
May 29

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