Virtual Science Fair 2021

The Findley Science Fair gives students the opportunity to use scientific or engineering methods to answer questions they develop from their own observations and to share what they learn with the school community.  All Findley students, Grades K-5, are eligible to participate.

This year Science Fair is virtual (unless things change between now and mid-March) like everything else.

Being online will not stop you from conducting science experiments at home, right? 🙂 We thought so!

Alright, then what are we waiting for? Let’s go do some experiments!….oh, of course, with permission from your parents J Science experiments can get messy and sometimes, dangerous. So, please make sure you check with your parents before you get your hands wet.

Have fun!

Science Fair Committee

Videos to watch before you get started

………….. there might be a little surprise for you if you participate!

Other information

We will soon share a link where you can add your science project pictures to a slide and email it to Mr.Temple-Morris. In the meantime, here’s what you can keep handy:

  • Project Title
  • Pictures (and/or graphs) of your science experiment
  • Hypothesis (I think…. statement)
  • Brief explanation of your experiment.
  • Brief analysis and conclusion.

Here’s a preview of the template so that you know what to keep handy…