Volunteering at Findley is Easy

 1. Apply for an mVP volunteer account

Beaverton School District Volunteer Page

Parents/Guardians:  Complete the Parent/Guardian Volunteer Application

Community Volunteers (Grandparents, Nannies, Neighbors, Friends):  Complete the Community Volunteer Application

Youth Volunteers:  Complete the Youth Volunteer Application

Within the application, please include all of the BSD schools where you are a volunteer.   You will have one profile for all your BSD volunteering (Findley, Stoller, Sunset, etc).

  • This step also initiates a background check.  It will come up for renewal every 2 years during your birthday month.
  • Once your background check is complete, you will receive an email stating your background check approval status and your volunteer profile at myvolunteerpage.com will be active.

IMPORTANT:  Remember your log in and password!  This is important for both home and school access to your profile.  Every time you enter the building to volunteer, you will be required to enter both your log in and your password.  Make it easy to remember and/or keep it accessible.

2. Get your volunteer badge picture.

All volunteers must wear a photo ID volunteer badge.  You can attend a scheduled badge photo session, or you can email your digital photo to be used on the volunteer badge to Meagan Pak (volunteer.coordinator@findleypto.com). To be acceptable, the photos need to be taken against a neutral/plain background.

Temporary volunteer name tags can be found near the sign-in sheets in the office.

Ready badges are placed into the alphabetized ‘badge baskets’ in the front office.  Find yours in the basket before you start working, and return it into the basket when you sign out for the day.

3. Start volunteering!

It is priceless to see your child’s smiles when she sees you at school!  Just make sure that you sign in/out every time at the computer located in the school office and wear your ID badge.  Please also familiarize yourself with the BSD Volunteer Expectations and Responsibilities.

Additional Information:

  • We highly recommend all volunteers to attend the Volunteer Orientation at the beginning of the year.  The presentation will give you a good idea of our volunteering program. If you missed it, or  if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Weiwei Huang at: volunteer.coordinator@findleypto.com
  •  All parents are members of the PTO. We would love to see you at our general meetings!  The schedule of these meetings is on the home page, on the school calendar, and reminder emails are sent out shortly before the meeting.
  • For PTO or school related questions, please email president@findleypto.com

Thank You!